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Sleaze x[Periential Cape Town alternative, experiential, relationship and event marketing

Think Differently

Others see a road to nowhere we see a launching pad!

Brand Partnerships Coming from a professional marketing background Sleaze began in the late 90s as a Cape Town Nightlife Events Company with a different approach. First we listened, then we interacted and more often than not we joined in and only then did we, first in Cape Town clubland and then in nightlife nationally, created events that were uniquely developed from the ground floor up. From the beginning we never had sponsors, but relationships with brands and partners who had the foresight to see the changing dynamics of the market, market that now demanded an adult relationship with the brands that they choose.

A long the way we learned lot, brands are not the enemy, the good ones participle, create and develop relationships. The market is dynamic, discerning, intelligent, and there is no such thing as a consumer, just informed individuals making their own decisions. With limited or no budgets, taking chances, breaking the rules, became the convention: We wrote and managed our own PR word of mouth and street activations replaced traditional media, we connected through mobile we embraced the web and were amongst early adaptors in the effective use of social media activation. We never stopped interacting, never spotted engaging and above all we never stopped listening.