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Putting the edge back into nightlife

Max Sleaze
Veteran, not quite jaded, night crawler and nightlife journo, Bukowskian barfly, clubland chronicler and nighthawk at the diner. Hedonistic experience junkie, half cousin, twice removed of Hunter S Thompson with a mind to try anything more than once, and with what is left of a body proving that he did try. He can be found at the bar - any bar

Writing. it keeps the walls from falling. the hordes from closing in. it blasts the darkness”_ * Charles Bukowski*

I wouldn’t recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they’ve always worked for me.”_ Hunter S. Thompson

“I am getting so far out one day I won’t come back at all.”_ William Burroughs

I write like
David Foster Wallace

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The Fluffer Hunt

Sleaze’s own Fluffer Bureau of Investigation headed to Mercury in search of local talent.

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Premature Detonation

Cape Town Mayor is a little quick of the Mark when he brings down the Athlone Cooling Towers leaving many Capetonians unsatisfied

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Tobie Allen Carnage on the Dancefloor

SA house DJ Tobie Allen is making serious sonic waves in the UK club scene, fresh back from Ibiza and Snowbombing his Bootleg Social night has gone truly international.

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The Dark Side of the Cheese

The Cheese goesto the Dark side!

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Demolition Day

Farewell to to the Athlone towers a landmark of our age, guiding tired clubbers home for generations

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Shared Viagra

Spandau Ballet “borrowed” my mahala article for their official site not sure whether I should be flattered, pissed off or demand narcotics?

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Shouting Blanks

Danny K and the plastic pop posse’s anti crime singalong “Shout” misses the target and is shouting blanks. Not to mention ruining some pretty wicked School Disco memories!

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Revolutionary House

Julius Malema gets down and dirty with his BBC Agent “Revolutionary House” mix that is the must play track wherever the Moet and Jonny Walker Black Label crowd gather to spend their tender cash. What ya waiting for - kill it while it is hot.

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The Cape Town Toilet

Max Sleaze checks out the new Cape Town Stadium, gets the full body search, hob-nobs with The South African soccer elite, talks to a lift and scores a free lunch!

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Cheese Flash

The Cheese in Wonderland posse make the Sunday Papers with songs of lovin’ not killing, another reason to vote Cheese party, the real groove “agents”.

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Lip Sync Becomes Disco Lemonade

Lip Sync Became Disco Lemonade at Kink Cape Town same ingredients, same crew and same dynamite dancefloor reaction!

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Max Sleaze creeps in

Max Sleaze takes the path through Beat, Gonzo and Blake into the heart of the night

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Recreating the Reel

RIP the Remix Manifesto a documentary that seeks to make us reevaluate the effect heavy handed copyright law has on creativity.

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