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I wrote this before Lip Sync Became Disco Lemonade, but same ingredients, same crew and same explosive reaction - Get there and see me at the bar mines a Jaggie!

Let me take you back, back in time, way back to a time when Madonna could still get away with pretending that she could possibly be touched anywhere for the very first time, when Springsteen was in charge of more than his bank balance and when Michael could beat something other than his monkey. (Yeah I know respect for the dead and all that blah, but I could have said something much worse ok!) A happy go lucky, lucky time, where heaven was a place on earth and everyone was walking on the sunshine, that’s of course when they were not walking like an Egyptian. That pretty plastic poptastic time where guys dressed as girls and girls, well they just wanted to have fun.

Yes folks we talking about the much maligned, secret pleasure of the eighties pop song, which the boys at Lip Sync Kink, have made it their mission to help you pull out from the closet, (you know it’s there lurking), with eye liner and big hair and all. Choosing the slick, sophisticated surrounds of Kink for an eighties night was a sharp move by the Lip Sync boys, not only is it situated in Park Road, fast becoming the coolest street in the CBD (as Long street continues its steady yet merry path into the ghetto), it also has, believe it or not, an always open lingerie store upstairs. So turning the boogie into the jiggy, if you flash and flush, is just a credit card transaction away.

The venue ,Kink is an intimate addition to Cape Town night spots, tight dance floor, cosy lounge, a terrace for some street action, all round friendly feel and of course the naughty knickers shop. Though on the downside parking is a bitch, but that’s Cape Town for you, if parking’s your issue you should really be living in Jozi by now.
Lip Sync is fun, festive and even better is free, a good thing because it is the kind of frivolous vibe where jaggie-bombs and tequilas are almost obligatory. Catering for the older 23 plus crowd it is the perfect place to turn that quiet after work drink into the stuff that office water cooler legends are made off. It’s every Wednesday it’s at Kink and with Dan C and Dean and on the decks, I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumours, but sweet dreams are surely made of this. (Sorry couldn’t resist)
Max Sleaze