Weekend Argus (Sunday Edition)
11 Apr 2010

The Cheese in Wonderland posse all headed out to Fancy That to get some inspiration for the upcoming Cheese in Wonderland the next instalment in the legendary cheese parties that continue to bring healthy doses of debauchery to the Cape Town masses. There was so much madness that we even made the Sunday papers, sharing the headlines with true nutters Eugene Terre’Blanch and Malema.

Though the difference is that we at Sleaze can dance, only sing about loving and not killing, encourage all “agents” special or otherwise and can stay on a horse, even if it is only wooden.
So why don’t you come on down next Friday the 16th to Mercury and who knows we might let you touch us on our studio! We naughty that way.

Say Cheese!

The rabbit hole is closer that you think!