Cape Town's own Twin Towers go boom!

Is this picture too explosive for publication?

Every since I have lived it up in Cape Town the Athlone towers have stood as a remarkable landmark in Cape Town. For some an eye sore, but for many an icon. When you are returning from a trip away, and if it is from a trance rave then trip is the operative word, there are always the first real tangible sign that you are home. Or when driving over De Wal Drive away from Cape Town in the early morning, to see them bathed in the light mist, more like smog if I was less romantically inclined, that settles over the Flats, they rise like sentinels in another worldly way, creating a Sci-Fi post modern landscape straight of a Phillip k Dick novel. Which ever way your feelings lie they will be missed.

I wrote a tongue in cheek farewell to them for Mahala, which was originally not going to be published by the PTB at Mahala who thought they were not a landmark and were “appalling” can you believe the insensitivity for these concrete friends of our industrial age? Though after some cajoling and pulling the “sleaze” cards it was posted, please go over and comment even if you agree that they suck and they must be wiped of the earth, to prove that the whole adage of publish and be dammed still applies in the virtual age! Read the whole article here, the picture above was deemed to hot to handle perhaps even explosive, by Jurie Senekal is above

Need to place to check out the action with the rest of the lemmings then Rhodes Memorial seems to be the consensus party place.

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