The Dark Side of the Cheese

Taking the Cheese to places we have never been before, we ironically return to Long Street (Rhythm Divine anyone?) for another sleazy foray into a retro galaxy far far away. Things are not what they seem and that is just the way we like it, when we enter the forbidden zone, where the truth is “pout” there, the area 51 of the nightlife zone, , the Dark side of the discothèque , it is time to embrace the universal cheese force that pervades the universe.

So set you space ship to overdrive and your time capsule to infinity, Sleaze are breaking the space/ time continuum as the cheese goes into the absurd dimension. Braiing all our sacred cows and jiving up our crop circles, it’s time to dress up to get down as we leave our inhibitions earth side and stop worrying about intelligent life out there, we got some debauchery to work through down here!
Live on the bridge, beamed via Scotty there is the celestial sound icons

Charl Zero
Miss Mayhem
Max Sleaze

Playing Spaced Out 70s and Interplanetary 80s

To make sure all the cheeseanaughts are flight ready there will be dangerous drink specials (More Top Gun than a Scientology focus group, more warp drive than the Millennium Falcon and with more Klingon’s than a BEE deal in Polokwane) it is Beer R10 5pm 8pm: Jaggies/ Tequila 5 shots for R60 and Jabba Jars R40 all night. Come early for the Special Sleaze punch guaranteed to take you through the stratosphere

It is at Zanzibar at Carnival Court 255 Long Street on Thursday 26th Bar opens 5pm Free! Yes FREE before 11pm
Dress spacey seventies or whacked out eighties and win some pretty freaky far out prizes

we on the cyber spacey thing at
contact 0

You can also call 021 4239003 if you want to tune into a real person

it is life Jim but not as we know it!”

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