Tobie Allen

The Calm before the Carnage

Tobie Allen is not simply coming up from the underground; he is breaking out smoking, in his inimitable “take no prisoners” style. A relatively recent addition to the London scene, although a Cockney by birth, he cut his dance teeth in Cape Town club land where he is a household name and is viewed as one of the Godfathers of SA house music. As a DJ, Promoter and Producer he was instrumental in creating the Cape Town scene, surely one of the most wild, wicked and vibrant nightlife destinations in the Southern Hemisphere.

Needing wider tapestries and seeking other challenges he returned to Blighty where he went back to basics. He listened, watched, interacted and paid his dues and in a very short time back in the UK, he built a solid reputation with his Bootleg Social and Prohibition nights. Whereas Prohibition, monthly at the White House for the last two years, has stayed true to its roots as a dirty, filthy backroom night, it is Bootleg Social, his signature night, which is cementing Tobie’s reputation as one of the most exciting talents on the scene.

At a Bootleg Social the outside world is entirely forgotten, the house is devilishly sexy, the decor debauched, the girls raunchy and the vibe that delightful blend of sophistication and sleaze, which has attracted the interest of some of the biggest names in the business. This truly unique clubbing experience has grown from a small backroom of likeminded souls to an international phenomenon, expanding from London to tours to Ibiza and Austria. In the past year alone there have been Bootleg Social nights at Ministry of Sound, Terrace at Cream @ Amnesia, Pacha and Snow bombing. They have also partnered in events with such edgy luminaries as Global Underground, Lucky Life, Get Loaded, Stealth and Size

Bootleg Social works so well as the night personifies Tobie’s attitude to music and to life. Hedonistic, crowd centred, up for it beats that are focused unmistakably on the pleasure principle. Toby’s lust for life is infectious, as the mad hooting hordes that raise the roof every time Tobie drops one of his trademark rippers, testifies too.

Decadent Dancefloors De rigueur
He believes in taking dance music back to first principles; it is about sharing the epiphany, the moment, the feeling that that is the place you have always known you want to be. Crowd pleasing for Tobie is not simply an adjective it is an imperative!

Always innovative, Tobie refuses to be tied down by a genre as he guides the dance floor to the next level. His many nights are as varied as this they are hectic, the harder faster carnage of Prohibition, the slick styling of Bootleg, the underground edge of his groundbreaking Tech house night- Tek nation and even A.T.A.R.I a trippy psy trance project is creating serious industry buzz. In the past year Tobie has also been taking this sonic understanding to the studio, where his two releases thus far have both made serious dents on the dance music charts, with more scheduled for release in early autumn.

Truly an international talent, from the sun baked beaches of Cape Town to the back streets of London, Tobie has demonstrated that by dedication to the scene and love of music you can break into, flourish and extend the experience wherever you are on the planet. Tobie Allen has arrived, check in time is now!

Catch some of Tobie’s Mixes over at the Bootleg Social page and see him in action over at the Bootleg youtube channel

Tobie Allen

From SA to UK to Alien

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