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Sleaze Nightlife

We understand nightlife because we do nightlife. We know what makes a nightlife event work as we are as much consumers as we are providers. Our “customer first” events have given us a reputation for staging experiences that go beyond the norm.

Our ability to be edgy and innovative while at all times remaining professional and safe in our organisation has seen us provide integral services to cutting edge international events like the Isle of MTV and the Smirnoff Experience Similarly our street level know- how has seen us partner locally with Synergy, the Cape Town Outdoor Dance Festival, the OBZ Festival and many more. Over the years we have conceptualised and executed a number of our own very successful long running nightlife events in Cape Town and nationally. Uniquely we have managed to always maintain the correct mix of retaining artist credibility, crowd enjoyment and measurable returns for the brands we partner with.

scroll down to view some of our past events.

  • Thumbnail for The Heineken Essential Mix

    The Heineken Essential Mix

    The Essential Mix rebranded as the Heineken Essential mix with a more striking sexy branding a more sophisticated Cape Town nightlife experience as befitting and an older more discerning clientele. Featuring only the finest South African DJs and live muscians in opulent surrounds designed for pure clubbing pleasure.

  • Thumbnail for Cheese In Wonderland - Madder than your Hat!

    Cheese In Wonderland - Madder than your Hat!

    Cheese in Wonderland Friday 16th April Mercury Cape Town
    The CHEESE PARTIES are back and this time they going out of this world with a journey into the weird and wicked boogie wonderland that “gets down” down the rabbit hole. With a soundtrack of silly seventies and “out there” eighties and cast of characters and freaky funksters direct from parallel universes, you are not just going to be stepping back, but out of time. Prepare to enter a world where nothing is as it seems and only the fun loving survives. Enter a realm where madness reigns and groove merchants and poptastic divas fuelled by love potions and strange caterpillars, fulfil that that long held eighties dream of finally making heaven a place on earth. We will welcome you to a sparkling wonderland reinvented under a glittering mirror ball that promises a night of unchecked excess. A place where Alice finally shows her naughty side, the caterpillars are truly smokin! the mushrooms are off their heads and the rabbits, well we all know what rabbits do if they are left to their own devices.


    Featuring nutty interactions, live shows and The Smoking Caterpillar Lounge, Time Warp Tea Party and very special guests. Everyone is a star at a Cheese Party, encouraged to let loose, slide out from those inhibitions and with tongue placed firmly in cheek make the world their stage. After all dressing up is the only way you can really get down … and dirty. On the tea plates *Miss Mayhem, Charl Zero, DJ Ray, Charlie Brown, Kevin Gray, Charlie Brown, DJ Sideshow and MC Adin* Friday 16th April Mercury doors 21:00 70s, 80s interactive extravaganza R30 presale/ before 11 R40 after
    Dress Trippy Alice, Mad Hatters, Bad Bunnies, 70s Cool Cats, Card Playas, funkin frogs, -Prize giving for the wackiest.
    Cheese Costume inspiration at Fancy That tel: +27 21 531 5919

    Join Cheese parties on Facebook Follow Max Sleaze on Twittercheck out decadent mixes at Charl Zero and watch CHEESE PARTIES antics in action Need more Contact

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    Cheese Parties

    The infamous Cheese parties broke the mould in Cape Town Nightlife events, nutty dress up retro extravaganzas that combine the sounds of the 70s and 80s with a up for it dancefloor experience. Cheese parties are not simply about the music, it is the attitude, the Dr Feelgood factor brought about by continual interaction between the performers, the music, the vibe and the clientele. Often turning the night on the head where the crowd themselves are the stars.

    If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to be locked up.Hunter S. Thompson

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  • Thumbnail for Flava


    Unquestionably South Africa’s slickest most successful R’n’B and Hip Hop night. Fronted by Cape Town Divas Suga and Irma G, FLava set the bar in sophisticated urban experiences. Booty Shaking and beautiful it was the only place to be, where Cape Town’s coolest clubbers grooved to the freshest beats till dawn.

  • Thumbnail for The Essential Mix

    The Essential Mix

    The legendary Essential Mix what started as single night became one of South Africa’s longest running underground house music parties, our partnership with Gauloises extended to showcase 300 DJs at over 150 nightlife events including monthly club nights in Pretoria, Joburg and Cape Town as well as national tours.

  • Thumbnail for Global Groove

    Global Groove

    Global Groove paired international underground acts with top class local talent in exclusive intimate environments creating once in a lifetime “I was there” experiences at Club More Cape Town and Carfax Jozi. This event introduced South Africa to such vinyl greats as Charles Webster, DJ Dizz, Miles Holloway, and the legendary French house DJs Jef K and Eric Rug.

  • Thumbnail for The Dark side of the cheese

    The Dark side of the cheese

    Sleaze goes intergalactic as we enter The Dark Side of the Cheese

    Taking the Cheese to places we have never been before, we ironically return to Long Street (Rhythm Divine anyone?) for another sleazy foray into a retro galaxy far far away. Things are not what they seem and that is just the way we like it, when we enter the forbidden zone, where the truth is “pout” there, the area 51 of the nightlife zone, , the Dark side of the discothèque , it is time to embrace the universal cheese force that pervades the universe.

    So set you space ship to overdrive and your time capsule to infinity, Sleaze are breaking the space/ time continuum as the cheese goes into the absurd dimension. Braiing all our sacred cows and jiving up our crop circles, it’s time to dress up to get down as we leave our inhibitions earth side and stop worrying about intelligent life out there, we got some debauchery to work through down here!
    Live on the bridge, beamed via Scotty there is the celestial sound icons

    Charl Zero
    Miss Mayhem
    Max Sleaze

    Playing Spaced Out 70s and Interplanetary 80s

    To make sure all the cheeseanaughts are flight ready there will be dangerous drink specials (More Top Gun than a Scientology focus group, more warp drive than the Millennium Falcon and with more Klingon’s than a BEE deal in Polokwane) it is Beer R10 5pm 8pm: Jaggies/ Tequila 5 shots for R60 and Jabba Jars R40 all night. Come early for the Special Sleaze punch guaranteed to take you through the stratosphere

    It is at Zanzibar at Carnival Court 255 Long Street on Thursday 26th Bar opens 5pm Free! Yes FREE before 11pm
    Dress spacey seventies or whacked out eighties and win some pretty freaky far out prizes

    we on the cyber spacey thing at
    www.sleaze.co.za www.carnivalcourt.co.za www.charlzero.co.za
    contact info@carnivalcourt.co.za 0

    You can also call 021 4239003 if you want to tune into a real person

    it is life Jim but not as we know it!”

    Check out the Charl Zero’s Dark side of the cheese mix over at our Mix Tape section

  • Thumbnail for  Sleaze Events: Mixing it

    Sleaze Events: Mixing it

    With groundbreaking concept nights including, Home Cooking – producer showcase , Music for Pleasure – Live performance DJ Collab,
    Club life - Interactive audio visual experience, Funkin Pussy, Chicks with Decks - SAs first ever all female line up we at sleaze did not simply push the envelope we shredded it

  • Thumbnail for Foxy Brown Does Cheese

    Foxy Brown Does Cheese

    The funk soul brother take the cheese to the wrong side of the tracks

  • Thumbnail for Emanuelle Returns  The soft porn cheese

    Emanuelle Returns The soft porn cheese

    Ok doing a soft porn cheese and putting in a live feed and a bed was asking for trouble which is what we got, all captured by our in house sleaze paparazzi the legendary Eddie Licks -for more of the same go to http://www.facebook.com/photo_search.php?oid=7836515459&view=all

  • Thumbnail for Eddie's Paparazzi Corner

    Eddie's Paparazzi Corner

    Eddie (xxxtraLong lens) Lickowski ambushed all the revellers at The Emmanuelle Does Cheese party at Mercury and caught them in the most compromising of positions, its what happen when the sleaze team takes control

  • Thumbnail for The Love Boat

    The Love Boat

    Ahoy Shipmate and reprobates its shore leave as the SS Cheese docks in the mother city

  • Thumbnail for Nightmare On Cheese street

    Nightmare On Cheese street

    Scary Stuff as the Cheese goes nasty