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Cheese In Wonderland - Madder than your Hat!

Cheese in Wonderland Friday 16th April Mercury Cape Town
The CHEESE PARTIES are back and this time they going out of this world with a journey into the weird and wicked boogie wonderland that “gets down” down the rabbit hole. With a soundtrack of silly seventies and “out there” eighties and cast of characters and freaky funksters direct from parallel universes, you are not just going to be stepping back, but out of time. Prepare to enter a world where nothing is as it seems and only the fun loving survives. Enter a realm where madness reigns and groove merchants and poptastic divas fuelled by love potions and strange caterpillars, fulfil that that long held eighties dream of finally making heaven a place on earth. We will welcome you to a sparkling wonderland reinvented under a glittering mirror ball that promises a night of unchecked excess. A place where Alice finally shows her naughty side, the caterpillars are truly smokin! the mushrooms are off their heads and the rabbits, well we all know what rabbits do if they are left to their own devices.


Featuring nutty interactions, live shows and The Smoking Caterpillar Lounge, Time Warp Tea Party and very special guests. Everyone is a star at a Cheese Party, encouraged to let loose, slide out from those inhibitions and with tongue placed firmly in cheek make the world their stage. After all dressing up is the only way you can really get down … and dirty. On the tea plates *Miss Mayhem, Charl Zero, DJ Ray, Charlie Brown, Kevin Gray, Charlie Brown, DJ Sideshow and MC Adin* Friday 16th April Mercury doors 21:00 70s, 80s interactive extravaganza R30 presale/ before 11 R40 after
Dress Trippy Alice, Mad Hatters, Bad Bunnies, 70s Cool Cats, Card Playas, funkin frogs, -Prize giving for the wackiest.
Cheese Costume inspiration at Fancy That tel: +27 21 531 5919

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