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Connect Inspire Engage

Interactive marketing that delivers

From complete turnkey solutions to providing a range of individual services across new media, events, digital, mobile, guerrilla marketing, activations and unique brand experiences.

Connect: From relevant festivals to world class DJs and from cutting edge live acts to performers we connect the right artists to relate to the culture of your brand and to deliver the objectives of your campaign.
Create: From PR campaigns, press releases, web copy and graphic design to video, event conception, outdoor activations and online design we deliver inspiration that gets results
Plan: Through marketing, media, online and outdoor and from national to we local, we strategize our alternative approaches to, create, plan, execute and interact seamlessly.
Organise: Through complete event, venue and experience management to planning, booking, logistics and operational.
Expose: With intuitive social media and blog activations, micro sites, innovative viral campaigns, micro sites, street level guerrilla marketing and nightlife experiences we create buzz that that rises above the clutter.

Beyond PR
Through social networking and online interaction reinforcing traditional media we create participatory publicity that allows your brand to truly communicate with your market

Beyond Integration
Through guerrilla and experiential combined with mobile, online and digital we deliver 360 degree integration throughout the brand message

Beyond Event Management
By incorporating brand core values from inception we ensure a natural fit throughout, developing organic brand relationships

Beyond Sponsorships
We only will only implement partnerships if they are relationships, relationships that grow after activation